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Art at the Genueser Schiff
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Art alarm!
We love art. This is probably because in art anything goes, and we have always been proud of being a bit different from the rest. You will find art in the main building, in the guest rooms, in the garden and along the promenade. Our Artists include:

Christopher Lehmpfuhl
See his paintings, large and small, all around the Genueser Schiff

Fritz Baack
There is a basalt pillar on the seaward side of the Genueser Schiff next to a water feature (very popular with children) and a bust of Janus in the restaurant on the first floor

Michael Ryan
His works are on display in various rooms

Jan Kollwitz

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How it all began
The land surrounding the Genueser Schiff has been family owned for generations, but the former hunting grounds only became suitable for building after they were enclosed by dykes following the legendary storm flood of 1872. The hotel itself was built later.

The Genueser Schiff hotel is as unique as its guests, whether you stay for just one night or for longer. It is a place for non-conformists and free thinkers who prefer subdued elegance and a quiet, relaxed atmosphere.

The hotel was founded by Countess Waldersee, who named it after a line in the poem ‘Toward New Seas’ ('Nach neuen Meeren') by Friedrich Nietzsche. Her son. Philipp Brandt, added the second verse to the poem when he took over the hotel:

That way—I will: and my assure
In me henceforth and in my seize.
The sea lies open, in azure
There drifts my ship, my Genoese.

All, new on new, shakes flame to me,
On space and time the midday sleeps—
And but your eye—in monstrously
Stares at me! Infinity!

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