Our Restaurants

Our restaurants serve modern interpretations of traditional local dishes. We use fresh locally and organically grown ingredients whenever possible. Freshly caught fish from the nearby harbour, game from local forests and our hand-picked wines give you plenty of choice, so you are sure to find something you like.

We take great pride in providing a relaxed and personal atmosphere. We offer a selection of locations for indoor and outdoor dining:

  • The Grand White Lounge with its uninterrupted sea view (1)
  • The Garden Lounge with its own terrace (2)
  • The Fireplace Lounge (3)
  • The first-floor Beakfast Room with its panoramic view over the Baltic Sea (4)
  • The Bistro Bar (5)
  • ‘Strandkorbcafé’ (Beach Chair Café) (6)
  • ‘Traumkörbe’ (double wicker beach chairs) (7)

Our hotel is open all year.

For more information about meetings and parties, please call: +49 4381 7533

Opening Times
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Menus and Wine List
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All prices are in euros and include VAT.
Prices may be subject to change.

The 72-hour menu requires three days' notice, so please order in plenty of time.


Special Menus
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All prices are in euros and include VAT.
Prices may be subject to change.

Christmas and New Year’s Eve


Season’s Specials

Tea Time
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Our traditional English tea includes:

  • Open sandwiches with roast beef, egg, cucumber and smoked salmon
  • Scones with homemade strawberry jam, orange jam and clotted cream
  • Lemon and chocolate cake, ginger biscuits
  • A pot of tea or your choice of hot drinks

Please make a reservation, especially for larger groups
Price: € 24.50 per person
€ 35.00 including a glass of champagne


Bespoke Seaside Events
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Whatever size your event, it is always a feast for your palate, whether you choose a buffet meal or eat à la carte.

Our menus always match our delicious dishes with appropriate wines. If you can't find exactly what you need, feel free to discuss your requirements with our chef.

Whether you choose our traditional Schleswig-Holstein Buffet or our famous Mediterranean Buffet, if your first bite makes the other choices on offer seem less important, then we have done a good job!

If you have special requests, our experienced team is happy to advise you on the buffet selection. We also offer a home buffet service, even if you don't live by the sea!


Easter à la carte

Served 12:30 pm – 3:00 pm
On Easter Sunday evening,


Salads and Soups
Mixed spring salad in pomegranate vinaigrette with roasted pine kernels*³ €   8,00
Mixed leaf salad with cod fillet in a thyme crust *¹*²*³ € 16,50
Vegetarian Vichyssoise potato-and-leek soup *² €   5,80
                                         with Büsum shrimps *¹*² €   8,00
Main Dishes
Ricotta ravioli with artichokes, cherry tomatoes, black olives and pesto*² € 17,50
Two Friesian pink herring fillets with traditional home-style sauce
and fried potatoes *²*³  
€ 16,80
Fried Hohwacht cod fillet in Dijon mustard sauce *¹*² 
on potato-and-sauerkraut purée
€ 24,00
Thinly sliced US roast beef with tartar sauce and fried potatoes *¹*²*³ € 17,90
Saddle of veal schnitzel with warm potato salad *²*³ € 24,50
Choice of raw milk cheeses from Backensholz Farm in Husum,
with Ticino fig mustard and baguette
€ 14,50
Our famous “much too small” crème brûlée*¹*² €   4,70
Crêpe filled with vanilla ice-cream, whipped cream and blueberries,
with warm orange sauce
€ 12,50
Children’s Dishes
Spaghetti with butter and parmesan a`part €   8,40
Home-made fish nuggets with fried potatoes and vegetables *² € 9,80

All prices include VAT 
Menu subject to change


*¹ Gluten-free,  *² Lactose-free *³ Contains nuts or nut oil

Good Friday Menu

Buffet served 6:00 pm – 9:00 pm, dessert and cheese served until 9:30 pm
There is no à la carte service on Good Friday

Spring salad bar
with Genueser vinaigrette or sweet-and-sour cream sauce
Choice of breads

Exquisite vegetarian wild garlic soup with croutons

Waldorf salad, herring salad, shrimp cocktail,
Smoked trout and mackerel with creamed horse-radish,
Home-marinated salmon with honey, mustard and dill sauce,
Pickled and sherry herrings with traditional home-style sauce

Diced local fish
Sliced breast of free-range chicken with herb sauce

Asparagus and mushroom risotto
Fried potatoes (with or without diced bacon)
Market vegetables

Cheese board with a range of raw milk cheeses from Backensholz Farm in Husum
Semolina pudding with hot cherries and vanilla sauce

€29.50 per person (including VAT)
Children up to the age of 12 pay €14.50, or ask about our range of children’s dishes

Menu subject to change



Christmas Menu




Wine List


Sekt, Prosecco, Crémant & Champagner in weiß oder rosé

  Riesling Sekt - trocken 0,75l 33,00
  Freispiel - alkoholfrei "Sekt" 0,75l 25,50
  Prosecco vino frizzante - Brut - weiß 0,75l 29,00
  Prosecco vino frizzante - Brut - rosé 0,75l 29,00
  Champagner Delamotte Brut 0,75l 62,00
  Champagner Delamotte Brut - rosé 0,75l 76,00
  Crémant de Alsace – Brut - weiß 0,75l 42,00
  Crémant de Alsace – Brut – rosé 0,75l 47,50

Weiß- und Rotwein in halben Flaschen

2012 Rotwein Spätburgunder - Barrique Ausbau
Weingut Hans Lang - Rheingau 
0,375l 21,00
2006 Rotwein Château Lanessan - Haut Médoc 0,375l 31,00
2006 Rotwein Château Bernadotte - Haut Médoc 0,375l 32,00

Weißwein aus Deutschland

    Weingut Hans Lang    
2016   Blanc de Noir vom Spätburgunder - KbA.   29,50
2016   Grauburgunder - trocken   34,00
2014   Riesling - trocken   29,00
2015   Dr. Loosen - Blauschiefer
Riesling - trocken

„Anna Lena“
Silvaner - Kabinett - trocken - Benflech - Sulzfeld

    Weingut Werner Knipser    

Laumesheimer Kapellenberg
Riesling - Kabinett – trocken

2016   Sauvignon Blanc - trocken   42,00
2016   Chardonnay & Weißburgunder - trocken   38,00
    Weingut Karl H. Johner    
2015   Grauer Burgunder   38,00
2014   Weißer Burgunder & Chardonnay   42,00

Weißwein aus Frankreich

Burgund, Chablis & Loire
Jean-Paul & Benoît Droin
2015   Pouilly Fumé
Terres Blanches – Serge Dagueneau & Filles
2014   Pouilly  Fuissé – «Au Bourg» AC Chardonnay – Terroir
Domaine Roger Luquet
2016   Sancerre Le Chêne du Roy
Domaine Girault -  Bué

Weißwein aus Italien

2015   Lugana Cento Filari
2015   Vernccia di S.Gimmignano
Podere Canneta
Weißwein aus der Schweiz

Dezaley Marsens,De la Tour
Les Frères Dubois


Roséwein aus Deutschland und Frankreich

2016   „Clarette“ Rosé – trocken – Pfalz
Weingut Werner Knipser
2016   Sancerre Le Grand Moulin AC -  Rosé
Domaine Patrick Gerault, Bué

Rotwein aus Deutschland

  Blauer Spätburgunder, Barrique
Karl H. Johner – Kaiserstuhl - Baden
2013   Cuvée Gaudenz, trocken
Weingut Werner Knipser - Rheinpfalz
2013   Spätburgunder
Barrique Ausbau - Weingut Hans Lang - Rheingau

Rotwein aus Frankreich

Burgund, Rhône und Südfrankreich
2015   Côtes du Rhône - Réserve
Famille Perrin – Orange
2008   Châteauneuf du Pape
Château La Nerthe 
Einzelflasche 72,00
2014   Cavel - La Mas
Assas – Languedoc - KBA
2007   Gevrey-Chambertin Cuvée Plase des Loir
Domaine Alain Burguet – Côte d´Or
Einzelflasche 76,00
2009   Gevrey-Chambertin Cuvée Plase des Loir
Domaine Alain Burguet – Côte d´Or
2005   Château Lanessan
Haut Médoc
Einzelflasche 62,00
2006   Château d´Aiguilhe   84,00
2009   Château d´Aiguilhe
Comtes von Heipperg – Côtes de Castillion
2000   Château Charmail
Cru Bourgeois, Haut-Medoc
2000   Château Lafon

Rotwein aus Italien

Trentino, Pimont
2006   Barolo
Prunotto S.r.l. –  Alba
2010   IL Corzano
Fattoria Corzano e Paterno
2006   Chianti Classico
Sab Giusto a Rentennano - Martini die Cigala Siena
2012   Vigna Pedale Rosso - Riserva
Castel del Monte

Rotwein aus Spanien

  Portico Mayor Crianza
2011   Portico Mayor Reserva
2014   Artadi Vinas de Gain
Einzelflasche 51,00

Alle Weine dieser Karte sind ggf. mit Eiweiß geklärt und können Sulfit enthalten.  26.05.2016

Tea Time

Afternoon Tea

Afternoon tea is a light meal typically served between 3:30 and 5:00 pm. It was invented in the 1840s by Anna Maria Russell, Duchess of Bedford and maid to Queen Victoria, as a refreshment during the long period between the midday meal and dinner. At the time, the evening meal was usually served between
7:00 pm and 8:30 pm.

The Duchess found taking a snack to be the perfect antidote to afternoon tiredness and she soon began inviting her friends to join her. Afternoon tea quickly became an established and lively meal in many middle and upper class households.

Afternoon tea consisted originally of tea, bread and butter and cake, but soon developed to include sandwiches, sweet pastries, and scones with jam and clotted cream.

The tea itself is usually Darjeeling or Earl Grey, which is named after the British prime minister who held office in the 1830s. It is often (but not always) served with milk, and opinion is divided as to whether the milk should be added to the cup before or after the tea. Many tea experts believe that adding the milk first helps the tea to develop its characteristic taste.

A glass of Champagne
Three open sandwiches with roast beef, egg, cucumber and smoked salmon
Scones with clotted cream and orange marmalade or home-made strawberry jam
Ginger biscuits, lemon cake, chocolate cake
A pot of tea or your choice of drink

€ 32.50 per person
€ 22.50 without Champagne

Please feel free to order in advance, especially if you are coming in a large group.


The 24 / 72-hour Menu

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New Year´s Eve Menu


Main Menu

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