Hohwacht an der Ostsee is about a 90-minute drive from Hamburg. Pure Schleswig-Holstein. Rolling hills, green pastures and fields of rapeseed. Two houses, one hotel. A stately white house with a thatched roof rises above the reed. The Genueser Schiff, right next to the coast. The sound of the waves and salty air. A light breeze. Breakfast in a wicker beach chair. Fishing boats sail by, seagulls squawk. Behind the dune, 300 metres inland, the Genueser Landhaus. In the middle of a nature reserve. Old fruit trees. Resonant silence in a pitch-black night. Only the moon is bright and clear in the sky. And the stars sparkle...

Winter arrangement
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Recharge your batteries
This a really cool offer: an autumn or winter getaway in the period, in which it is (still) a little bit quiet in this corner of the Hohwachter Bay and the air is particularly fresh and salty.
We have put together an attractive winter package from Friday to Sunday:

2 nights, breakfast included
Two-course menu on Friday (also for late arrivals)
Three-course menu on Saturday including an aperitif
An original English Tea including champagne on early Sunday afternoon before departure

Single room:
Genueser Schiff: € 243 – € 523
Genueser Landhaus: € 193 – € 273
Double room/Apartment per person:
Genueser Schiff: € 213 – € 323
Genueser Landhaus: € 183 – € 198

Special offers

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More information coming soon.

Special offers

Buy a Gift
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A day at the beach
If you would like to surprise someone with something very special, we would like to recommend one of our gift vouchers. For example for a:

Lazy Day in a Wicker Beach Chair

  • Extra wide wicker beach chairs from 10:00 to 18:00
  • Breakfast with a glass of champagne
  • Small lunch menu (drinks not included)
  • Coffee with cake in the afternoon
  • Sundowner cocktail with or without alcohol
  • Blankets and towels

€ 66, - per person / day

Or an:

English Tea

  • A glass of champagne
  • Open sandwiches, scones with clotted cream
  • Home-made lemon and chocolate cake, ginger biscuits
  • And pot of tea or coffee, of course

Price: € 25,50 per person, without champagne € 19.50

Or vouchers for

  • A short stay
  • An individual offer


Literature by the sea
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More information coming soon

Art in the hotel
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Attention! Art!
We love art. Maybe because in art everything is allowed and we are quite proud that we have always been a little bit different from the rest. In our house (and in many hotel rooms), our garden and along the beach path you will find numerous works of art by artists like:

Christopher Lehmpfuhl
In Genueser Schiff a number of his paintings are on display, both small and large.

Fritz Baack
You will find a basalt pillar by him on the seaward side of the Genueser Schiff next to a water feature, which is very popular with children, and a Janus face in the restaurant on the first floor.

Michael Ryan
In several hotel rooms you will find work by Michael Ryan.

Jan Kollwitz


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How it all began
The surroundings of hotel Genueser Schiff have been family owned for generations. Only after the area was surrounded with dykes after the storm flood of 1872 were these former hunting grounds suitable for building. However, it took a while before the hotel was built.
Hotel Genueser Schiff is as singular as the people who decide to stay here; whether you are staying just for one night or for a longer period of time. It is a place for people who don’t want uniformity – and who certainly don’t like constraints. Instead, they prefer subdued elegance and serenity in a relaxed atmosphere.
The founder, Countess Waldersee, named the hotel after the poem ‘Toward New Seas’ (Nach neuen Meeren) by Friedrich Nietzsche. The poem was also her motto:

Dorthin – will ich; und ich traue
Mir fortan und meinem Griff.
Offen liegt das Meer, in’s Blaue
Treibt mein Genueser Schiff.

Alles glänzt mir neu und neuer,
Mittag schläft auf Raum und Zeit -: 
Nur dein Auge - ungeheuer
Blickt mich’s an, Unendlichkeit!

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